Special chemicals are sourced world wide.

We aim for market-segments and products which require our expertise in development and maintenance.


We are qualified partners to the following industries


Resilient polyurethane foam is used for a variety of applications. Most of the polyurethane foam is molded foam which requires a release agent to de-mold.

For formulation of polyurethane foam, we have:

  • silicon stabilizers
  • catalysts
  • flame-retardants




Biocide formulators need high purified active ingredients in order to formulate products used for in-can preservation and permanent protection.


We have developed a sophisticated range of active substances to meet our customers requirements.


Our range of products exists of the most comprehensive active substances to achieve stable water- or solvent based formulations.




Solid and semi-solid cheese of the Gouda-type are stored while maturing in a coating of special polymer emulsions. This polymer emulsion has to be flexible and air-permeable in order to allow the cheese to "breath" during the maturing process.


The polymer emulsions we offer are certified as per BgVV XIV A Part B, conform the Dutch "Warenwetregeling Kaaskorstbedekkingsmiddelen".


Different types of colors are available: with and without Natamycine.




Adhesives such as hotmelts and pressure sensitive adhesives should be as odorless as possible and the raw material should be of light colour.


Our range of hydrocarbonresins and aromatic resins meets this requirements. Our resins are used by the leading manufacturers of hotmelt adhesives.


We are able to offer you:

  • aromatic C5 and C9 resins
  • hydrogenated C5 and C9-resins




Construction materials based on cement and/or gypsum require for extended performance suitable re-dispersible polymer powders.


We sell re-dispersible polymer powders based on PVA/VEOVA.

To extend our competence in re-dispersible polymer powders, we are also offering a new generation of products based on styrene-acrylic. These products are made without PvOH, and therefore these products are providing a better performace than the standard type of polymer powder.


Furthermore we have available synthetic tartaric acid Vinkotech TA and halogen free flame retardants Vinkotech.






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